At Artze we have a range of beautiful watercolour art prints if you’re craving decor that’ll make your walls pop with colour. With a variety of minimalist and bright designs, you’ll find an art poster to suit your home.

Prints of Watercolour Paintings

The graceful fluidity of watercolour artwork will subtly add elegance and splashes of colour to your home. If your walls decor is uniform and neutral, the naturally unpredictable flows and transparent fades will brighten your room and create a delightful focal point. At Artze we have a range of watercolour leaves and botanical prints, abstract watercolour paintings and many other styles.

What is Watercolour Art?

Watercolour art is simply using paint where the pigments are mixed with water to create a painting. Unlike other types of paint, water-based paint allows artists to blend layers and create thin or semi-transparent washes of colour. Because the paint is less viscous, many artists using watercolours tend to ignore painting the finer intricate details and focus more on creating beautiful satisfying gradients of colour and more dreamy and abstract pieces of art.

Abstract Watercolour Styles

Using the wet-on-wet technique, many artists allow their watercolour paintings to almost paint themselves, as the paint will flow where it wishes! This creates natural fluid effects that help to give the picture depth and unique abstract shapes. A great example is our range of blue watercolour pictures, which strongly resemble a tempestuous ocean.

We have a huge variety of abstract art, in watercolour and other artistic styles.

Framed Watercolour Prints

Keep your posters matching and themed with our collection of watercolour print sets. Watercolour pictures are perfect for creating a gallery wall on a painted white wall, making it easy to coordinate with your current decor. The subject matter of a watercolour painting will contrast beautifully against the wall as the white of the paper will blend into your walls.

At Artze, we’ve made it simple to mount and frame your wall art! We’ll save you the stress of finding a frame and getting your print level using one of our high-quality frames. Choose from our range of framed prints and get your prints delivered to your door ready to hang up.