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If you love greenery and plant life, but don’t necessarily want to have to look after them, our botanical wall art prints will add some of the great outdoors to your wall décor.

Posters Of Leaves, Flowers and Other Plants

Artists get a lot of inspiration from plant life, with there being an estimated 391,000 species of plants across the world. At Artze, we have a huge selection of floral and botanical wall art to choose from to add nature-inspired artwork to your home.

Botanical posters are one of the most versatile styles of print you can use in your home and are really effective at bringing a calmness to your living room, inspiration to your office, and aesthetics to just about any room! In fact, studies have shown that house plants improve your mood and lower stress levels, so adding plant wall art alongside your real greenery is a great way to lift the sense of nature without taking up space.

History of Botanical Art

Before cameras and photography was used, botanists and gardeners relied on paintings and sketches to visually record and identify species of plants. Botanical illustrations can be traced back to the first century where books were created to help people identify plants with medicinal properties. In the 18th-century, printing process vastly improved and being a botanical illustrator became an actual profession, meaning the detail and popularity in plant illustrations grew.

Famous botanical artists such as Pierre-Joseph Redouté and Franz Bauer both excelled in floral and botanical illustrations and both were employed by their respected monarchs to be the royal botanic painters. 

Plant and flower art has recently become more popular, both for artistic and scientific purposes. Many of the modern botanical posters use other popular artistic styles to compliment the main subject. At Artze we have a huge range of plant art in a range of styles, including geometric style art, watercolour painting posters and even floral photography.

Flower Prints

We have a range of colourful tropical flower and plant prints to choose from, as well as more modern style monochromatic flower posters. If you like the idea of a flower motif but are worried it will clash with your interior décor, our abstract floral art is perfectly subtle and will add a hint of nature to your home.

Leaf Posters

One of the most on-trend botanical prints is the beautiful monstera leaf print. We have several monstera (Swiss Cheese plant) posters in a range of styles and colours. Our individual leaf wall art is a simple and yet modern take on the classic botanical illustration. At Artze, you can get a set of framed botanical prints to create a beautiful matching wall of vegetation. Simply choose your frame size on the print!

Botanical Print Sets

Create a beautiful gallery wall of flowers, leaves and nature-inspired artwork with our botanical art prints sets. Many of our floral prints can be ordered in sets, so you can create a stylish wall with matching artwork. All of our single wall art prints can also be ordered with frames to match the exact size of the print. We have a variety of different coloured frames, including black, white, grey and oak effect.