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Browse our range of geometric prints to add modern sharp lines and stylish blocks of colour to your wall decor.

A Guide To Geometric Artwork

As a more contemporary art style, geometric artwork will add a different dimension to your interior design. At Artze you’ll find a huge selection of artwork using geometric shapes, from Scandinavian inspired art, to abstract modern art.

What is Geometric Art?

Geometric art is a composition of shapes, lines, curves and blocks to represent a subject or abstract form. Geometric artwork is inspired by geometry, a branch of mathematics that focuses on angles, shapes and the distance between objects. 

In the same way that you use a compass and protractor to draw a perfect circle or triangle, many geometric drawings and paintings are designed to use perfect mathematical shapes to create art. Although, geometric art does not have to be created using mathematically perfect shapes and colours.

Geometric Abstract Art

Minimalist geometric art, which conforms to more calculated placements of shapes and lines, is often seen as a contrast to the more chaotic abstract expressionist art. Like many styles of art, abstract art can be random or purposeful, and in the case of abstract geometric art the shapes and forms are intentionally positioned to create ambiguity. 

One of the most famous geometric artists is Kazimir Malevich, who used simple shapes to create abstract artwork that he called Suprematism. Malevich wrote that his geometric abstract paintings “have nothing in common with nature”, and that his visual language of shapes and colour should be “pure artistic feeling" rather than a visual representation of a subject.

We have a selection of abstract geometric posters using simple shapes and colours that will add a contemplative aspect to your wall decor.

Nature-inspired Geometric Wall Art

Things don’t have to be man-made to be perfect. Many geometric artists and designers have been inspired by nature’s use of precise patterns and shapes we see in the world around us. From hexagonal beehives to the Fibonacci spirals seen in seas shells and flowerheads, the world is full of simple and complex structures that serve a purpose as well as looking beautiful.

We have a huge selection of geometric animal posters and nature wall art to choose from. 

Using Geometric Pictures In Your Home 

Geometric prints are fabulous because they are so versatile. Whether you’re going for a vintage and colourful mid-century feel, or a modern monochromatic aesthetic, geometric art can suit your tastes.

Our abstract geometric prints are perfect for adding a pop of colour to a room with a muted colour-scheme. On top of this, they will encourage creativity and reflection, so they are ideal for a living room or study.

Our modern geometric art featuring representations of the visual world will fit in just about any room! Transform a child's bedroom with our playful and adventurous two-dimensional animal art, or add brighter tones and textures to your kitchen.