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Create a minimalist and chic gallery wall with our range of Scandinavian style wall art, featuring nature motifs, subtle colour schemes and geometric patterns. 

Beautiful Nordic Inspired Scandinavian Art

If you’re looking for minimalist and modern art, Scandinavian art prints will be perfect for your home. Scandinavian art is a type of Nordic artwork, and refers to artwork from Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Similar to other 20th century modern wall art styles, Scandinavian contemporary art is fundamentally simplistic and emphasises functionality by using straight lines and understated colour schemes.

Our collection of high-quality posters includes a huge variety of Nordic art styles, many of which are exclusive to Artze. If you’re looking to create a matching gallery wall, why not choose from our selection of wall art in a set of three.

Scandinavian Wall Art Themes

Due to its minimalist and sophisticated designs, Scandinavian style art is timeless and will suit many different aesthetics. Whether you’re looking for a piece of art to make a statement, or a more understated abstract print, you’ll find something for you at Artze.

Here we’ll explore the fundamental elements of Scandinavian style artwork, and what has inspired the artists.

Wildlife Motifs

Nordic artists favour using several of the animals that live in the Scandinavian tundra, including reindeer, wolves and bears. Many artists have taken this concept and created scandinavian style art collections using other popular animals such as elephants, lions and giraffes. At Artze we offer a variety of animal posters in many different art styles. We also have a range of nursery wall prints with animals that will brighten your child’s room.

Geometric Designs

Scandinavian designers are renowned for their simple but quality interior designs, just look at Ikea! Scandinavian wall art prints are no different: using clean and efficient geometric patterns to create a stunning modern aesthetic. Although geometric art is not a traditional scandinavian art style, geometry is widely used by modernist and minimalist painters to produce structured and streamlined artwork.

Nature Themes

The Nordics are famous for their dramatic landscapes and natural wonders, from the Danish fjords to the area’s prime location for viewing the Northern Lights. As such, Nordic wall art often features designs inspired by the subarctic wilderness and seemingly endless boreal forests. Nordic artists attempt to give you an alternative perspective to their surrounding landscape with their nature-themed artwork.

Framed Sets of Scandinvian Wall Art Prints

If you’re looking to match your wall art to the colour scheme of your room, Nordic art prints are perfect. Scandinavian art often uses very neutral shades of grey and blue, and typically uses one muted colour throughout. This makes it very easy to coordinate your home decor’s aesthetic with many of the Scandi style prints that we have at Artze.

To make it simple for you, we even offer a selection of our wall art in frames, which means you won’t need to find frames that compliment your artwork. All you’ll need to do is hang them up! Save the stress of getting your artwork level by letting our team of experts perfectly frame your wall art, and deliver it directly to your door.