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Our collection of beautiful abstract wall art will allow your inner creativity to run wild to explore what the picture denotes. Bring a different dimension to your interior with our range of contemporary abstract designs.

Browse our selection of abstract painting posters if you’d prefer a more traditional style of artwork.

Shop For Unique Abstract Art Prints at Artze

Our range of abstract posters will suit all large interiors, small spaces, and contemporary or traditional homes. Fortunately, the nature of abstract art means that it in many ways it doesn’t divert from the various modern interior design trends. Abstract artists like to use their own personal expressions to create their art, which means we have a varied and unique collection of abstract art styles to suit your preference. 

What is Abstract Art?

Abstract art is a composition that attempts to create an ambiguous visual that can be openly interpreted. Put simply, abstract art doesn’t necessarily represent anything, so you’re free to behold the image and find your own meaning.

Abstract prints can either be a composition of geometric shapes, colours and patterns, or a lack thereof. It can feature symmetrical bold lines and satisfying swirls that conform to the golden ratio, or it could be like the splashes and chaotic forms that were made famous by Jackson Pollock.

A Brief History of Abstract Artwork

Often when thinking of abstract art movements we recollect Pollock throwing paint over a canvas or Picasso’s enigmatic paintings and sculptures, but artists were creating abstract artwork long before the 20th century. 

Many Chinese painters in the 12th century used splashes of ink to create minimalist art, depicting misty mountains ranges and landscapes. The 19th century painter Whistler produced his famous and mysterious painting Nocturne in Black and Gold – The Falling Rocket, which at the time in 1877 was heavily disapproved by critics for being too abstract. 

During the late 19th century and early 20th century, many artists like Matisse and Van Gogh had introduced a less structured art form, paving the way for abstract artists. At this point, abstract paintings began to transform from obscure subjects into totally unrecognisable forms.

After the Second World War abstract expressionism exploded in popularity. This inspired numerous artists to produce the diverse modern art that captures the imagination of observers today.

Using Abstract Wall Art In Your Home Décor 

It can be daunting adding a bold contemporary abstract art print to your home. Many people tend to think all abstract art is too garish for the average home, but that’s far from the truth. As we’ve mentioned, abstract art first appeared in the 1800s, so as a style its more than suitable for displaying in period homes.

Creating An Eye-Catching Focal Point

If you have a large blank space in a room, a large abstract poster will perfectly fill the space without overwhelming the area’s atmosphere. Many of our abstract framed prints bring the perfect balance between subtle contemplation and engaging depth to a room’s design. The more bright and colour-filled wall art prints will beautifully contrast against more unpretentious white or muted walls.

Sets of Abstract Wall Art

To add a sense of depth to a room, a set of matching abstract art posters will help the room feel bigger. At Artze we offer art in a set of 3, meaning you won’t have to shop around to find artwork that combines well together. Use a set of abstract prints to create a beautiful gallery wall in a hallway or in a living room.

Adding Art To Colourful Bright Rooms

Finding artwork for an already colourful room can be tricky, especially if the room already has a certain aesthetic design. A black and white poster or wall art using muted colours and hues will not only stand out against a bright background but will also help to highlight the beautiful colour of your walls.

Browse our framed wall art to save you having to fit a frame yourself!