Discover our collection of sketch style wall art posters, using rough hand drawings to create quirky contrast prints.

Pen & Ink Sketch Prints 

Pen and ink drawings allow for a more crisp and well-defined line than with a pencil, which is why many artists and doodlers opt for the mighty pen. At Artze, we have a range of wall art drawings composed of minimalistic fine lines and rough colour shading. 

What Is A Sketch?

Typically, an artist will do a preliminary rough drawing or painting to flesh out the overall design and composition of the intended final piece. So like a musician’s demo, a sketch is a test run of their artwork to guide them towards their completed work. A sketch is usually created with a simple medium, such as watercolour, pencil, or pen and ink.

The Three Types Of Sketch Artwork

There are actually different types of sketches that artists do to prepare for a more elaborate piece of work. The first type of sketch is a croquis, French for “sketch”, which is a quick drawing of live model or subject matter. A croquis is a type of line art that is typically drawn with a pen or pencil in minutes and is intended to outline the important elements. In the fashion art industry, a croquis is often created of the model to be able to draw the clothes that will be designed for them.

The second type of sketch is known as a pochade, which is intended to capture the atmosphere, colours and feel of a scene. Pochades were often quickly composed using paints as well as with pens and pencils. John Constable famously used to create pochade sketches that were the same size as the final painting.

Are Sketches Art?

Sketches are as much an art form as the finest canvas oil paintings! In the 18th century, with the growing number of artists, art critics began to recognise sketches as standalone art forms, rather than a means to an end for final compositions. For example, Leonardo Da Vinci’s sketchbooks are now widely considered to have become art objects themselves. 

Minimalism and contrasting black and white art are popular in today’s art scene, which is perhaps why sketches and line drawings are regarded as art.