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If you’re looking to create a stunning gallery wall, we have a variety of wall art poster sets to add to your home decor. From black and white prints to abstract art, we have something for everyone at Artze.

Beautiful Set of 3 Wall Art Prints

With a set of high quality prints, do away with having dull decor and find a set of wall art prints that matches your style. We also offer art in a set of 3 that includes the frames. We offer a variety of different coloured frames, including black, white, grey and oak effect. 

How to Coordinate Wall Art 

It is intimidating working out how to fill your blank walls with matching artwork that blends in with your desired aesthetic. But don’t fret, there are plenty of ways to incorporate your personality and design ideas in your home. 

If you’re looking for inspiration, start with your memorable holiday locations, favourite celebrities or best-loved animals. You could even start by choosing a preferred colour palette if you’d rather opt for a minimalist or abstract set of artwork. 

To make coordinating your art easy, a great way around finding matching styles and colours is to get a 3 piece art set. At Artze we have a range of collections from famous landmarks, to nature photography and minimalist modern wall art. Whatever you choose, try to incorporate aspects of your personality or think about how the art represents it. 

Match the Frames 

Complement your matching art by using one underlying frame colour. By using one colour in all of your frames you’ll create a sense of uniformity, even if the style of all of your wall art is varied. You can make your wall art stand out by picking prints with subtle contrasting colours to complete your room’s palette. 

Hanging Framed Prints 

For hanging a set of prints think about grouping your prints as a single piece, as opposed to 3 separate pieces. Consider hanging the art in a neat row, or if they are different shapes hanging them all so they form a square or rectangle. Ensure when you place the pictures that they are at eye level so that they are easily noticeable. 

How To Arrange Wall Art 

If you’re looking to decorate a wall at home, a set of three wall art pieces is perfect to fill up a large or small space. Before putting a hammer to nail, arrange your set of prints on top of a large piece of paper on the floor so you can find an arrangement that works best. As a rule of thumb, try to keep the spacing between the wall art sets consistent.

Once you’ve created the perfect layout, trace around where you’ve laid your frames on the paper, so you know where they will be placed. You can then tack or tape your paper to your chosen wall and hammer in your nail. Finally, remove the paper and carefully hang your pictures. 

Sets of 3 Prints at Artze 

Browse a wide range of art prints at Artze to elevate your wall décor. Whether you’re looking to bring some character to a hallway, or create a cosy retreat in your living room, our themed sets of 3 prints can help to transform your indoor space. 

Abstract Art 

Choose our set of 3 abstract prints to create a reflective or creative space. We have a collection of abstract wall art in a variety of colours including shades of blue, pink, grey and gold. 

Nature and Botanical Prints 

If you’re a nature lover, or want flora and fauna in your home without having to look after them, we have a range of animal themed art and botanical prints to choose from. We have a variety of different styles including geometric, watercolour and sketch style prints. 

Fashion Wall Art 

If you’re looking for more realistic wall art pictures, we have a selection of fashion prints in sets of three. Create a wall gallery of iconic quotes and statement fashion collections of world famous brands such as Coco Chanel and Prada. 

Explore our excellent range of wall art sets to create a compelling gallery wall. We also offer sets of frames to match the sizing of our collection of prints.