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If you’re looking for a classic abstract painting to enhance your interior design, our collection of abstract painting prints are perfect to add an expressive picture to your room. Our paintings will add texture, depth and inspire creativity in your home.

Shop For Beautiful Abstract Painting Posters

The beauty of abstract paintings is that they do not have to use a subject to convey a specific meaning or emotion, meaning they are a versatile piece of artwork. Use abstract paintings to bring to life an uninspiring office to prompt inventiveness, or perhaps create an eye-catching feature wall in your lounge with a colourful contemporary abstract painting.

While an original abstract artist’s art could set you back hundreds, if not thousands, our huge variety of abstract art posters are printed on high-quality premium matte 230gsm paper with Canon LUCIA pigment inks. These prints are designed to achieve the highest print quality, picking out vivid colours and showing every minor brushstroke.

How To Use Abstract Paintings As Wall Art

To fill a completely blank wall, we’d recommend using a large abstract painting or a set of 3 prints from our Trendy Triples collection to fill the space. At Artze, we have a range of small and large abstract painting prints, which are suitable for a range of spaces in your home.

Painters are a granted lot of creative freedom with an abstract style, meaning they can paint expressions and representations of emotions that can’t be easily visually described. Unlike art based on realism, such as our botanical art, our abstract wall paintings provide its observers with an experience of interpreting what the art depicts. This ultimately means there’s a lot of choice with abstract art about how you want to set the mood of your room with the art. 

Abstract Oil Paintings

Oil paint is used by many of the famous abstract painters, from Picasso to Kandinsky. Unlike some other painting mediums, oil paints are thicker and can be layered and scraped to create interesting textures. Abstract modern art paintings often use brushes loaded with thicker oil paints to create to subtly improve an area of the painting that’s lacking intrigue. 

Abstract Landscape Paintings

Although abstract art paintings are seen as the opposite of realism, many artists use visual subjects as inspiration for their art. Nature is often a clear inspiration for modern abstract paintings. Interestingly this artwork tends to appear totally nonrepresentational up close, but upon standing back to view the picture from a different angle, the shapes begin to form a recognisable idea. The textures, shapes, and colours only become a mountain range, a river, or whatever it alludes to in the context of the larger painting.

At Artze we have a huge variety of illusionary paintings, including mountainous prints, abstract oceans, and sunsets.