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Decorate your rooms with beautiful city art of a destination that’s close to your heart, or even of your hometown. Be inspired by our huge range of map posters and cityscape prints from street maps to travel prints and our own modern interpretation of retro styles.

Find Your Favourite City Posters & Map Art

At Artze we stock a large variety of geographical wall art, from skyline posters to popular city map prints. Our posters come in a range of styles including watercolours, city name typography prints, and clean black and white artwork.

Cityscape & Skyline Artwork

If you prefer a silhouette skyline rather than a photography print, our cityscape art of popular UK cities such as London, Manchester, and Liverpool, our wall art can help you create an urban British aesthetic to your home or office.

Bring a more well-travelled or adventurous feel to your home with our skyline art of the most admired cities around the world such as New York, Barcelona, Paris and Dubai. Our travel skyline poster is perfect you want to showcase a collection of the world’s most famous landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower. 

City Map Wall Art

Decorate your walls with our city map posters of your favourite city districts. Our stylish city map art is able to be easily matched with a variety of other styles due to its monochromatic scheme. Our city map wall art combines particularly well with our range of fashion artwork or text prints.

Get to know every side street and corner with our accurate street maps of your favourite urban environments. Use these aerial art prints to get daily inspiration about new areas to explore, as well as look stylish in your home.

Sets of City Art

Create a beautiful gallery wall by using our set of 3 wall art to bring an urban style to your home. Our city sets contain one local street map, a text print, and city skyline graphic featuring the familiar landmarks.

Just like the bustling and diverse metropolises around the world, our city wall art sets will decorate your home with three nonuniform but identifiable posters of your favourite city. 

Buy Map Posters Of Cities At Artze

Every one of our prints, including our map posters, is printed on high-quality matte paper and can be paired with our selection of frames. Our picture frames come in a variety finishes including wood, gold, silver and matte colours.